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    Easter in Greece

    Eggs date back to the Roman Empire, when people would paint eggs in bright colors to represent the sunlight of spring for use in egg-rolling contests or as gifts. Eggs represented fertility and were considered good luck.

    In Greece, the egg honors the blood of Christ by exchanging Crimson eggs.

    In Greece, there are outdoor banquets on Easter Sunday. The feast of barbequed lamb, eggs, bread, salads, and Easter cake is spread on long tables for everyone to enjoy.

    In Greece people carry around a brightly colored egg on Easter Sunday. When they meet another person they knock their eggs together and say, "Christ is risen".

    Greeks eat a round, flat loaf marked with a cross that is decorated with red Easter eggs called a Christopsomon.

    Easter is a very important family religious festival. Greeks fast through Lent. On Good Friday flags fly at half-mast, church bells toll, then in the evening after holy service a candle-lit procession - priests in their robes, gilt crosses and then the congregation - file to the town square.

    Saturday is a day of happy preparation. Churches are decorated and everyone cooks a feast. Easter eve the churches are crowded, everyone with unlit candles. At midnight the lights go out. The priest brings out alighted candle and the flame is passed from one candle to another. "Christos anesti!" Christ is risen, the priest proclaims. Bells, fireworks, jubilation! The next day it's feasting and merry-making.

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